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This is Contagion Project.

As the Coronavirus took away reality from us, I grew worried and stressed by the situation. And one of the way I found to deal with this unprecedented situation, was to make a simulation of what could happen in a small and tight community (~300 people) when one person infected come back with the virus.

The "Game"

This is not really a game, nor an accurate simulation.

It's just a representation of movements of people in a close community, with a virus that can be transmit when people stands close to each other at work, at home or at a bar or when you go buy grosseries.

People can be sick in 4 ways : 

  • Asymptomatic, where people dont have any symptoms and continue to live their lives.
  • Mild, where people are a little sick but continue to go to work.
  • Serious, where people dont leave their houses, and go to the hospital if there is spot available. 
  • Critical, where people must go to the hospital and can die.

Also, the people can carry and transmit the disease when they are incubating, which is inspired by the Coronavirus-19.

Things you can do

There is an option that allow you to put in place a quarantine, a strict measure of social distancing when only people with essential jobs are allowed to go to work, bar are closed and people barely leave their home to get grosseries.

There is another option that quarantine only people who present symptoms.

There is an hospital with limited spot that will try to keep people alive (by diminishing the probability of aggravation).

The goal

One of the goal I wanted to reach with this "game" was just to match people moving. With their movements, you can access a graph that can show you everyday the number of confirmed cases (visibles, as mild+serious+critical)  and the number of death. At the end of the simulation, when the virus has completely disappeared from the streets, you are presented with the real stats, the real number of cases (all the people asymptomatic that brought with them the disease everywhere without knowing it), and an adjusted and corrected death-rate of the disease.

I suggest you conduct one simulation without quarantine, and one with quarantine, to see the "flattening of the curve". You'll see that it doesn't stop the spread, but slow it down. Also, since you don't have as much people sick as without quarantine, you'll see that the number of death is diminished, as the hospital is not as full.

Things to add

I want to add the possibility to see the current state of the hospital, and the impact of the disease on the economy. Also I would want to record and show on the graph the different stages you put the quarantine on in the background.

I would love to modify the visuals a little to make the simulator more pleasing to see (it's really barebones right now). A least, since there is a day-night cycle, moving the light with the passing of time would be nice. Also I am thinking of adding an ending screen where you can compare your different simulations.

Thanks and credits

Thanks to the WHO, and all health organisations on earth. I know you're all working with what you have, and doing what you can. Also thanks to all the essential workers that are still working and that allow the society to not collapse.

Also thanks to 3Blue1Brown that inspired this project with this video.

Additional Credits :

Musics : 

Beauty Flow by Kevin MacLeod


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