Bad Morning.

"Steven is a Coffee Mug. He live in a beautiful kitchen, ruled by the "Republic of Kitchenia".
But lately, there is unrest in his country.

He hope the best for him, his wife and his two kids, but he know that everything might go down very quickly."

Almost everything was made by me on Unity, 3D assets were made with ProBuilder in Unity3D, and texture were made with
The musics by the great and eternal Kevin MacLeon.

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
AuthorCaptain Nakou
Made withUnity


BadMorning0.2a-win.7z 43 MB
BadMorning0.2a-linux.7z 43 MB


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About the controls : 

It's guided by the mouse, so when you use ZQSD (for Azerty), W make the cup go where the mouse is, S it goes to the opposite, Q and D is for strafing left and right.

I think you can change ZQSD for WASD in the launcher if you download the app.

What are the controls please? S & D seem to move him but it doesn't seem to be WASD.

Right, it's WASD-style but with some variant of QZSD.

Or just hold down Z and move the mouse pointer where you want to go.

Yes, that's it. It's the variant ZQSD because I've worked with an AZERTY keyboard x). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Great game and the concept i amazing, but the controls are really hart to master. I spent half the game not knowing that you go to the cursor, so it'd be good to explain that in-game, but other than that, it was great

I had planed to have a training ground (which would have been my prototyping level cleaned) but I didn't have time to do it.

Also, the first screen should have contain some explanations in the subtitles, but, again, I had less time at the end than I though I would have.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you had a great time anyway.


The game was great, and i did really enjoy it, but if you plan on updating it it'd be good to explain the movement